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Here you Learn Where and How to Play Omaha Hi Lo Poker Online

The poker game Omaha Hi/Lo may go under many different titles – Omaha Holdem 8 or better, Omaha high low split poker, Omaha 08 – but, no matter how it is referred to, it is quickly establishing itself as one of the most popular formats of poker played at online poker sites throughout the world.

Like its close relation, Texas Hold´em, Omaha Hi/Lo Poker is played with hole cards dealt to each player and five community cards. However, in Omaha Hi/Lo Poker, each player is dealt four hole cards (rather than two) and the option exists to win half the pot for having the best “Lo” hand. While it does help if you know how to play Texas Hold´em already, it’s not necessary for learning Omaha Hi/Lo. We won’t go into detail on Texas Hold´em on our site, since there is more than enough to write on Omaha Poker alone already. For a good Holdem guide we suggest you to take a look at this site about Texas Hold´em since they cover all the rules, hand rankings and strategy articles.

Being dealt four hole cards increases the potential for players to make much better hands than they might find in Texas Hold´em but, because of this, players need to select their betting actions with care. Different poker strategies are required when playing Omaha Hi/Lo Poker, and we intend to share many of these strategies with you.

Our site is a complete guide to learning how to play Omaha Hi Lo. In case you know already how to play the game for sure you will find good tips here how to improve your game play. Continue reading our guide here:

Clearing Online Poker Bonuses with Omaha Hi/Lo Poker

One of the best reasons for investigating Omaha Hi/Lo Poker is because the game is often played with huge pots which are frequently shared. This enables players to collect “Player Points” to clear poker bonus requirements quicker and with less risk than playing other poker games.

Even when an initial online poker bonus has been cleared, many poker rooms offer valuable loyalty programs which reward players for racking up points earned through contributing to the rake at cash game tables. These loyalty programs can have so much added value for a poker player´s bankroll that they could change a losing player into a profitable one.

Consequently, not only will our strategy pages demonstrate how to play Omaha Hi/Lo Poker and how to select the best betting actions, but we shall be offering advice on the online poker rooms which have the best poker bonuses for Omaha Hi/Lo poker players and how to take advantage of them.

Different Skills for Different Games

Playing Omaha Hi/Lo Poker successfully requires many different skills; and even within the disciplines of Flop Limit, Pot Limit and No Limit players can excel at one and not another. Our pages aim to help you decide the times when you should limp into a pot, play passively behind an aggressive player or force the action.

Players should also be aware that cash game profitability does not always convert into success at Sit n Go or tournament tables, and we will be providing tournament Omaha Hi/Lo help to assist good Omaha players become better ones – as well as locating the best and most beatable Omaha Hi/Lo Poker tournaments to compete in.

The terms “Good”, “Viable” and “Speculative” are most often applied to opening hands of poker, but can also be used to describe poker players too. No matter what level of player you are at the moment, you are invited to browse through the pages of Omaha Hi/Lo Poker, pick up some helpful hints about the game and make your Omaha Hi/Lo playing experience more fun and more lucrative!