Omaha Hi Lo versus Texas Hold´em

Getting Used to Changing Your Game

There is a world of difference between playing Omaha Hi Lo and Texas Hold´em. We mentioned on our ‘Omaha Hi Lo Strategy’ page the importance of discipline and knowing your outs and, because of this, loose Texas Hold´em players will have to change their game considerably if they are to become profitable Omaha Hi Lo poker players.

Many players believe that the only differences between Omaha Hi Lo and Texas Hold´em is that you are dealt four cards at the beginning of the game and have two pots to aims for, but there is so much more than that.

Action Either Side of the Flop

Whereas many hands of Texas Hold´em are resolved without a community card being dealt, Omaha Hi Lo players see the flop many more times, and the betting action either side of the flop can be where large sums of money are won and lost.

Depending on the format of the game being played (Fixed Limit, Pot Limit or No Limit) higher levels of aggressive betting after the flop can occur if one player has flopped an exceptionally strong Hi hand while another has made the nuts Lo hand.

This can continue after the Turn and the River, increasing the size of the pot to a far higher level than would be seen in a hand of Texas Hold´em; although players have to be conscious of ‘Quartering’ – where two players share the nuts Lo hand and each collects a quarter of the pot even though they might have paid a third of the money into it.

Omaha Hi Lo Poker Tournaments

Omaha Hi Lo poker tournaments are also much different from those played at Texas Hold´em. The discipline that is required to be a successful Omaha Hi Lo Omaha player and the fact that two (or more) players often share the pot often translates into far longer games.

A typical 60-player Pot Limit Omaha Hi Lo low stakes tournament can take more than 4½ hours to conclude, whereas a similar NL Texas Hold´em tournament would take less than half that time to find a winner. The same applies in Omaha Hi Lo Sit n Go games.

Unfortunately – despite the increasing popularity of Omaha Hi Lo poker – not that many online poker sites host a significant number of Omaha Hi Lo poker tournaments. Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars seem to have the most comprehensive schedule of Omaha Hi Lo poker tournaments, while players in the States should check out Carbon Poker.

Omaha Hi Lo Traffic

One of the most significant differences between Omaha Hi Lo poker and Texas Hold´em is the amount of traffic seen at the tables – an important consideration if players are relying on clearing their online poker bonuses quickly.

A further consideration is that not all online poker sites offer Omaha Hi Lo as an option to players. Those which do include:-

  • PokerStars
  • Full Tilt Poker
  • Party Poker
  • Everest Poker
  • Poker 770
  • 888 Poker
  • Bodog/Bovada Poker
  • Carbon Poker
  • Lock Poker