Winning At Omaha Hi Lo Secrets

Getting the Edge in Omaha Hi Lo Poker

In order to play consistently profitable Omaha Hi Lo, you have to have an edge; and the best edge to have is to be respected as a solid Omaha Hi Lo poker player who is unreadable.

Becoming a solid Omaha Hi Lo poker player requires discipline and the ability to calculate a hands´ outs in relation to the pot odds of winning the hand. However, if you develop this table persona too rigidly, every other player in a game of Omaha Hi Lo poker will fold any time you raise a pot and you will never have the opportunity to take down the really big pots that make Omaha Hi Lo such a profitable game for good players. Therefore, Secret #1 is to deliberately get caught bluffing.

When you get caught bluffing it is important that you follow the betting actions that you would if you have a good starting hand. If you try to get caught bluffing by limping into a pot, that will become a ‘tell’ that other players will use against you – one that will be very expensive in the long run. Therefore, although you may lose a little money when you get caught bluffing, it will encourage other players to remain in hands when you have the best hand – rather than fold their cards at the first sight of a raise.

Secret #2 is to bet heavily during the pre-flop and post-flop action when you have a good starting hand. Whereas there is often a considerable amount of luck involved in Texas Hold´em, the best starting hand often prevails in Omaha Hi Lo poker, and provided you are getting value from the pot each time you bet, over a period of time that value will translate into profit.

Secret #3 has already been mentioned on our ‘Omaha Hi Lo Strategy’ page, but it is so important that it is worth mentioning again – Don´t get carried away with A2xx when the “xx” cards have no real chance of winning a hand by themselves. A2xx is the equivalent of AQ in Texas Hold´em – acknowledged to be the most expensive hand you can be dealt.

If the flop is dealt with none or one Lo card, there is little chance of there being a qualifying Lo hand and, unless you have been lucky and the board has connected with your other two cards, you will be wasting all the money you put into the pre-flop action when you muck your hand.

Secret #4 is to play above your Texas Hold´em bankroll. Many players making the transition from No Limit Texas Hold´em to Omaha Hi Lo will head for the tables with the same buy-in as they have been used to. However, with many Omaha Hi Lo pots having a relatively greater value than those played for in Texas Hold´em, and many of those pots being split between two winners, you can double the stake limit at which you play Omaha Hi Lo.

As we mention on our ‘Home Page’, one of the best reasons for playing Omaha Hi Lo Poker is that each hand often has two pots, which enables players to collect ‘Player Points’ at a faster rate to clear poker bonuses quicker and take advantage of online poker sites VIP programs (or increase your rakeback). If you play on an Omaha Hi Lo table with double the stakes of a Texas Hold´em table, you will clear a poker bonus or reach higher status levels in the sites VIP program in half the time.

The Best Online Poker Sites to Play Omaha Hi Lo Poker

It is no secret to anyone that PokerStars is the best online poker site to play Omaha Hi Lo Poker as there is always plenty of action at the biggest poker site in the world, whereas on others it can be difficult during off-peak times to find a few tables to play on.

However, everybody already has a PokerStars account, and players looking for some free poker money for opening an account elsewhere should look at 888 Poker – which has a strong Omaha Hi Lo community – or Poker 770, where there is usually tables open at all stake levels throughout the day.

Players from the States should have a look at Carbon Poker, who host a number of Omaha Hi Lo poker tournaments with guaranteed prize money, or those with deeper pockets might like to apply their poker skills at Lock Poker – where much of the action takes place at higher stake levels.